LinkNYC Kiosk

LinkNYC is a communications network providing free high-speed public Wi-Fi in place of the city’s aging pay phone infrastructure. Managed by DoITT, CityBridge, the franchisee, will install 7,500 LinkNYC kiosks (“Links”) throughout the five boroughs. Each Link provides Wi-Fi, nationwide calling, a dedicated 911 button, charging ports for mobile devices, and access to maps, 311, and other services. NYCEM works with CityBridge to post emergency notices on the Links. The LinkNYC network is supported by advertising and generates revenue for the city.

14th Street, Manhattan


  • 35” L x 11” W x 9'-6" H
  • Aluminum and glass shell with LCD advertising displays, a touch-screen for user interface, and integrated LED lighting


  • Links are primarily being installed to replace existing payphones
  • When new sites are proposed, DoITT consults the relevant Borough President, Council Member, Community Board, and Business Improvement District, and posts the sites on Open Data
  • All Links and payphones with advertising must be in districts zoned to allow commercial or manufacturing uses
  • A pedestrian clear path of 8 feet or one-half the sidewalk width must be maintained
  • Additional clearance requirements for Links and payphones are contained in Chapter 6 of Title 67 of the Rules of the City of New York


Furniture siting guidelines diagram

Furniture Siting Guidelines diagram [PDF]

See the Furniture Siting Guidelines diagram [PDF] for information on street furniture siting.


For More Information

  • For more information, visit the DoITT Website and the CityBridge LinkNYC website
  • Visit NYC Open Data for more information on locations of installed, approved, and proposed sites for Links