Waste Receptacle

Among its other responsibilities, DSNY services over 25,000 waste receptacles – known as “baskets” – that offer pedestrians a convenient way to dispose of litter and recycling on the go. Of these, approximately 3,000 are public space recycling baskets, consistent in design with other streetscape furniture. DSNY is currently pursuing a redesign of the ubiquitous green wire mesh basket with a new standard for the modern NYC streetscape.

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7th Avenue, Brooklyn
New waste receptacle design by Group Project, winner of 2019 BetterBin competition


  • Commercial areas, where they may be emptied as frequently as five times a day
  • Mixed-use areas, where they can be serviced on residential refuse routes along with household trash two or three times a week


Furniture siting guidelines diagram

Furniture Siting Guidelines diagram [PDF]

See the Furniture Siting Guidelines diagram [PDF] for information on street furniture siting.

Sponsor–a–Basket Program

  • Sponsoring organizations, such as cultural institutions and Business Improvement Districts, can purchase the DSNY litter basket or a custom basket, with DSNY approval. All basket designs must meet DSNY specifications. Sponsored waste baskets may bear the name or logo of the sponsoring organization, and must adhere to limitations on allowable advertising. Locations must be submitted for approval along with the Sponsor–a–Basket Letter of Intent

For More Information

  • In 2019 DSNY selected a new waste receptacle after testing in Manhattan through the agency’s BetterBin competition
  • For more information, refer to the DSNY website
  • To sponsor or adopt a litter basket, call 311