Sidewalk Plantings

Sidewalk plantings are trees, shrubs, groundcovers, perennials, and other vegetation located on the sidewalk. Generally, plantings are located within the sidewalk furnishing zone – the area where most furnishings are installed and typically abutting the curb. Sidewalk plantings must endure limited growing space, compaction, salt, and damage from people, animals, and vehicles; these factors should guide plant selection.

full sidewalk

Full Sidewalk 

Any planting within the furnishing zone of a Full Sidewalk; may include street trees, ornamental plantings, stormwater plantings, or other types of vegetation. Street trees should be planted wherever possible.


ribbon sidewalk

Ribbon Sidewalk 

Ribbon sidewalks allow for planting along the curb. They typically occur in more residential areas with low-volume pedestrian traffic. The planting strip generally consists of trees and turf grass, but can also provide an opportunity for enhanced ornamental plantings.



curb extension

Curb Extension

A curb extension that is planted rather than paved.


permanent planter

Permanent Planter

Planters are decorative containers, of a variety of sizes and shapes, which support small trees and understory plantings including shrubs, grasses, perennials and bulbs. Planters are only permitted where in-ground trees or plantings cannot be achieved. When sited appropriately and properly maintained, planters provide many of the same benefits as in-ground plantings.