Other Elements

Art display case

Art Display Case

The DOT Art Program partners with local institutions to curate rotating, temporary exhibits for standard art display cases, which are positioned in plazas and on large sidewalks around the city.


Automatic public toilet

Automatic Public Toilet (APT)

In response to the lack of public restrooms in New York City, JCDecaux, the Coordinated Street Furniture Franchisee, installs automatic public toilets (APTs). These self-cleaning, state-of-the-art facilities offer comfort, hygiene, accessibility, and security to the public.




Planters are decorative containers, of a variety of sizes and shapes, which support small trees and understory plantings. Planters are only encouraged where in-ground trees or plantings cannot be achieved.


Temporary flood protection

Temporary Flood Protection

Devices that can be deployed to reduce flood impacts to buildings, roadways, and other assets. NYCEM, in coordination with MOR and DOT, is siting barriers around the perimeters of strategic locations and critical facilities in flood-prone areas. These “blue-sky” barriers will be on site continuously, forming alignments that tie into high points and protect low-lying areas. Gaps in the alignments will accommodate facility access, pedestrian clear path, clearances from other street furniture, and other siting constraints. In the days prior to major storms, “just-intime” measures will be deployed in these gaps to create complete flood barriers.


Waste receptacle

Waste Receptacle

Among its other responsibilities, DSNY services over 25,000 waste receptacles – known as “baskets” – that offer pedestrians a convenient way to dispose of litter and recycling on the go. Of these, approximately 3,000 are public space recycling baskets, consistent in design with other streetscape furniture. DSNY is currently pursuing a redesign of the ubiquitous green wire mesh basket with a new standard for the modern NYC streetscape.