Rally/Stationary Demonstration

Rallies and stationary demonstrations are high-visibility methods of expressing sentiments about a public issue. New Yorkers have the right to participate in peaceful demonstrations in public spaces in the city, with appropriate permitting. A permit is required when these public gatherings use either more than 50% of a pedestrian plaza, or parts of multiple plazas for one day.

NYPD, officials, and families call for expansion of the speed camera program: City Hall, Manhattan


  • Increases public awareness of an issue
  • Provides a venue for the expression of public opinion in order to galvanize civic action

Scope and Eligibility

  • No alcohol, fundraising, sponsorship, or sale of goods or services is permitted
  • Permits are only required for demonstrations in pedestrian plazas



  • Application due to SAPO 10 days prior to event with exceptions made if the need for the event is unforeseen
  • A $25 application fee is required
  • Organizers must coordinate with their local police precinct
  • Additional permits or insurance may be required (e.g., amplified sound and 'No Parking' signs require permits from NYPD; structures over 10 feet tall require a permit from DOB)
  • Rain dates are not permitted

Recommendations and Best Practices

  • Coordinate with the corresponding Community Boards and Plaza Partner for comment and approval of events as SAPO considers these comments when approving permits
  • Permits are not required for rallies or demonstrations in front of City Hall, but the event must be scheduled with NYPD; to schedule an event, call the NYPD Precinct 5 Community Affairs Division at (212) 341-5063
  • Ensure that event participants leave sidewalks and building entrances clear at all times