Case Studies

Grand concourse

Grand Concourse

The Grand Concourse is one of the busiest, most iconic thoroughfares in the Bronx. The 5-mile-long project area experiences some of the highest pedestrian death and injury counts in the Borough. In 2014, with the inception of the Vision Zero initiative, the Grand Concourse was named a Vision Zero Great Street. The current multi-phase Capital investment project includes improvements that target existing safety conditions, reduce vehicle delays, and greatly improve walking, cycling, and driving.



Bx6 Select Bus Service Route

Select Bus Service (SBS) is New York City’s bus rapid transit service, with 17 service routes located in all five boroughs. Designed in response to decreased bus speeds, SBS aims to create more reliable, expedient, and comfortable rides for customers. In the case of the South Bronx Crosstown Route, SBS enhancements significantly improved bus speeds and rider experience.


Diversity plaza

Diversity Plaza

Diversity Plaza was originally implemented as the result of a neighborhood-wide transportation study. The plaza's implementation simplified a complex intersection and eased access to the 74th Street-Roosevelt Avenue train station. Initially implemented in interim materials, the pedestrian plaza was later built out with permanent materials and fixtures, further enhancing its pedestrian safety benefits.


Fifth ave street seat

Fifth Avenue Street Seat

Small-scale interventions can transform streetscapes into safe, walkable spaces for pedestrians. The seasonal Street Seat is an effective way to calm traffic, increase visibility, and maximize the utility of sidewalk area.