Pigmented Concrete (Dark)

Usage: Standard*

Same mixture as Unpigmented Concrete, but with an added pigment for use in high-density commercial districts. Pigmented concrete can be treated with silicon carbide to add sparkle, making it a Distinctive material. This is one of two kinds of pigmented concrete — see also Pigmented Concrete (Historic Materials).

* Inclusion of silicon carbide in the aggregate makes this a Distinctive material.

* See below for details of where Standard usage applies.

State Street, Manhattan
Pigmented concrete (dark)


See benefits of Unpigmented Concrete

  • Dark pigmenting visually enhances sidewalk and emphasizes urban character in areas with denser commercial and retail density
  • Saw-cut joints provide cleaner look, simulating individually hewn blocks of stone

Silicon carbide

  • Sparkle adds distinction and visual enhancement to pigmented concrete, especially at night


See considerations of Unpigmented Concrete


  • Standard in commercial districts C4-4 through C4-7, C5 and C6, as defined in the Zoning Resolution of the City of New York, per Section 2-09(f)(4) of Title 34 of the Rules of the City of New York

Silicon carbide

  • Because this is a Distinctive sidewalk treatment, it is best used when applied to entire blocks, rather than to the sidewalks of individual small properties which would create a “patchwork” effect


Specification source: DOT Standard Specifications Section 4.13

Silicon carbide specification source: DOT Standard Specifications Section 4.13

See design guidance for Unpigmented Concrete

  • Sustainability opportunity: Supplementary cementitious materials (SCM)
  • Sustainability opportunity: Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA)


See maintenance for Unpigmented Concrete

  • Adjacent property owners are generally responsible for maintaining this material