Art Display Case

The DOT Art Program partners with local institutions to curate rotating, temporary exhibits for standard art display cases, which are positioned in plazas and on large sidewalks around the city.

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E 161st St between Concourse Village West and Morris Avenue, Bronx
Water Street between Maiden Lane and Pine Street, Manhattan


  • 3’-10” L x 7’-6” H
  • Displays art that is digitally printed onto vinyl and adhered directly to both sides


  • Public plazas and wide sidewalks with a limited number of street elements
  • Sites in close proximity to mass transit and commercial corridors with a high density of foot traffic
  • Minimum clear path: 8 feet
  • Minimum of 18 inches from the curb


Furniture siting guidelines diagram

Furniture Siting Guidelines diagram [PDF]

See the Furniture Siting Guidelines diagram [PDF] for information on street furniture siting.


  • Suggestions for display sites and exhibits can be sent to
  • DOT is responsible for the installation, maintenance and removal of art display cases

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