Bishops Crook Pole

Usage: Historic

The Bishops Crook was the first of a number of decorative street lights to be introduced as early as 1900 on narrow city streets. Bracket versions of the Bishops Crook were also attached to the facades of buildings. The reproduction of the Bishops Crook was introduced in 1980 at Madison Avenue and 50th Street outside the Helmsley Palace Hotel (now the New York Palace Hotel).

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Bishops Crook Pole
Orchard Street, Manhattan


  • Historic districts or areas with substantial, intact historic fabric
  • Streets with roadway width of less than 36 feet
  • Within historic districts, LPC approval is required; outside of historic districts, PDC approval is required



  • 100W maximum LED
  • IES Type III


  • Ductile iron pole with aluminum arm/black

Cost Compared to Standard Street Light

  • $$$$$