Connected Tree Bed

A series of tree beds connected with a continuous trench in order to provide increased rooting area and stormwater detention. This is a standard treatment that will be installed and maintained by the city.

Hudson Street, Manhattan


See benefits of Tree Bed

  • Provides greater space for tree roots than tree beds, improving tree health and longevity
  • In areas where a Ribbon Sidewalk is inappropriate, connected tree beds provide many of the same benefits
  • Additional soil provides more stormwater detention capacity than tree beds



See considerations for Tree Bed

  • Installation of a tree-bed guard requires a permit from Parks


See application guidance for Tree Bed

  • Whenever possible in lieu of tree beds
  • Consider Ribbon Sidewalk as an alternative in areas of low-to-moderate land use density per its application guidance and zoning requirements
  • Consider Stormwater Management Practices in DEP Priority Areas where conditions are appropriate


See design guidance for Tree Bed

  • The trench of connected tree beds should be left uncovered (and, optionally, landscaped) to improve tree root health
  • Where pedestrian access is necessary (areas of high foot traffic, limited sidewalk space, or frequent curbside access), pavement can be bridged over the tree-bed trench using a suspended pavement system to increase soil volume