Curb Extension

A Curb Extension that is planted rather than paved.

Christopher Street and Greenwich Street, Manhattan
W 11th Street and Seventh Avenue S, Manhattan


See Benefits of Plantings in the ROW in the Introduction


See General Guidelines

  • May impact street drainage and require new catch basins
  • Excluding trees, plantings in curb extensions not covered under the Parks-DOT Greenstreets agreement require a maintenance agreement
  • Stormwater Management Practices not covered under the agreement between Parks, DEP, and DOT require a maintenance agreement


See design guidance for Raised Median (Curb Height) 

  • If located at a corner, maintain clear access to the crosswalk and the pedestrian ramp
  • Where possible, pitch sidewalks to direct water into the planting beds. Additionally, consider the capture of stormwater from the roadway. See Stormwater Management Practices
  • Select low-growing plants that will have year-round ornamental interest and not block sight lines. Consider the use of tree-bed guards around planted areas