Community Initiated & Funded

Block party

Block Party

A Block Party is a community-organized car-free event that opens a street to the community by restricting vehicle access and offering free, family-friendly activities to neighborhood residents.


Clean ups

Clean Ups

A clean-up temporarily restricts vehicle access and parking on a block to allow a group of volunteers or a nonprofit to safely remove litter and debris from the roadway and sidewalks. A clean-up can be scheduled in advance of other SAPO-permitted events to prepare the space for community activities.


Health fair

Health Fair

Health Fairs support the wellbeing of local residents by allowing health vendors to promote and provide health services and goods within a pedestrian plaza or along a single block. For residents who are less mobile, Health Fairs make available information and resources that otherwise might be difficult to access. Health Fairs are free and open to the public.


Farmers market

Farmers Market

Farmers markets are open-air markets where products grown, raised, caught or baked by local farmers and fishers are available for sale to the general public. Farmers Markets provide the public with fresh and nutritious food and offer alternative venues to farmers for sales aside from wholesalers and other large-scale sellers.


Plaza event (civic)

Plaza Event (Civic)

Plaza Events sponsored by a nonprofit organization, including but not limited to artistic or cultural performances or educational gatherings that further the mission of the sponsoring organization, are considered civic events and require a SAPO permit. Fees for civic events are discounted from the standard plaza event rates, which are based on plaza tier and event size.


Street fair

Street Fair

Street Fairs (Single Block Festivals and Street Festivals) enliven city streets by hosting vendors of foods and other goods and services. The events are community-sponsored and can be used to support neighborhood institutions with fundraising or promotion. Street Fairs are free and open to the public.


Rally/stationary demonstration

Rally/Stationary Demonstration

Rallies and Stationary Demonstrations are high-visibility methods of expressing sentiments about a public issue. New Yorkers have the right to participate in peaceful demonstrations in public spaces in the city, given appropriate permitting. A permit is required when these public gatherings use either more than 50% of a pedestrian plaza, or parts of multiple plazas for one day.


Play street

Play Street

Play streets are car-free streets that provide space for active play, recreation, and social and physical activity for children who do not have access to park space nearby. Community groups coordinate play streets during the summer months to create needed recreational space, and schools can host play streets during the school year when there is construction, playground renovation, or insufficient space for recess.