A multirack is a newsrack — a self-service newspaper dispenser — designed to hold two or more publications. DOT encourages the use of multiracks in lieu of standard single newsracks because they help reduce streetscape clutter. Multiracks, like single newsracks, require registration with DOT, proof of insurance, and indemnification of the City of New York.

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Hunter College, Lexington Avenue, Manhattan


  • 7'-6" max. L x 3' max. W x 5' max. H
  • Advertising is not allowed on multiracks
  • Typically made of powder-coated steel


  • Various clearance requirements apply. Section 19-128.1 of Chapter 1 of Title 19 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York together with Section 2-08 of Chapter 2 of Title 34 of the Rules of the City of New York specify how and where a newsrack can be placed as well as the registration, maintenance, insurance, and indemnification requirements



Furniture siting guidelines diagram

Furniture Siting Guidelines diagram [PDF]

See the Furniture Siting Guidelines diagram [PDF] for information on street furniture siting.


  • Multiracks may be bolted if a DOT permit has been issued for that purpose
  • For installation on a distinctive sidewalk, written permission from the person or entity responsible for the maintenance of the distinctive sidewalk is required

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