Davit Pole

Usage: Standard

The Davit pole is an elegant, curved alternative to the Octagonal pole that can be used in the same streetscape contexts. An aluminum version of the Davit, not covered here, is also used on highways.

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E Houston Street, Manhattan


  • Streets
  • Single and twin-mounting


LED Cobra Head

  • Wide Roadway/Commercial Area
    • 110W maximum LED
    • IES Type II or III
  • Residential Street
    • 78W maximum LED
    • IES Type II or III
  • Pedestrian Arm
    • 40W maximum LED
    • IES Type II or III


  • HDG Steel/silver — black and green are also allowed but require a maintenance agreement

Cost Compared to Standard Street Light

  • $$
  • Though also considered a Standard pole, the Davit is more expensive than the Octagonal