Type M Pole

Usage: Historic

The Type M pole, originally known as the Mast-Arm post, was introduced in 1908 for wide streets at corners on Broadway north of Columbus Circle and on Seventh Avenue north of Central Park. Bracket versions of the Mast-Arm were also attached to the facades of buildings. The reproduction of the Mast-Arm was introduced in the late twentieth century as the Type M pole.

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Type M Pole
Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn


  • Selected historic districts
  • Streets with roadway width of 36 feet or more
  • Single or twin-mounting
  • Within historic districts, LPC approval is required; outside
  • of historic districts, PDC approval is required



  • 150 W maximum LED
  • IES Type III


  • Ductile iron pole/black

Cost Compared to Standard Street Light

  • $$$$$