Multi-space parking meters, commonly referred to as MuniMeters, regulate parking along commercial and retail corridors across New York City. There are over 14,500 MuniMeters, each regulating multiple spaces. The first generation of MuniMeter was introduced in 1989, and in 2015 the city completed its transition to the current meter, reducing the number of individual meter devices required and increasing the number of parking spaces available on a given block. Motorists pay at the nearest MuniMeter using cash or credit cards and display their receipts on the dashboard.

MuniMeter: Water Street, Manhattan


  • 18.7” L x 15.79” W x 67.48” H
  • Anti-corrosive and anti-graffiti coated steel


  • Locations for MuniMeters are selected based on the current policy of the Bureau of Parking, which takes into consideration the following criteria: demand for parking, duration of parking, overall supply of parking in area and type, enforcement oversight, surrounding land use, and community demographics
  • Should not be more than 6 car lengths from a covered parking spot
  • Locate at the borderline between properties where possible
  • Avoid locations that obstruct buildings or storefronts
  • Must be 30 inches from the curb



Furniture siting guidelines diagram

Furniture Siting Guidelines diagram [PDF]

See the Furniture Siting Guidelines diagram [PDF] for information on street furniture siting.


  • DOT personnel site and install MuniMeters
  • All removals and relocations require coordination with or removal by DOT

For More Information

  • Individuals can request the installation of MuniMeters by calling 311 or through the 311 website