Unpigmented Concrete

Usage: Standard

Mixture comprised of cement(s), aggregate(s), water, and other chemical admixtures, smoothed and then allowed to harden, forming a solid sidewalk surface.

Riverside Drive, Manhattan
Unpigmented concrete


  • Provides durable sidewalk surface with high friction coefficient
  • Widely available and cost-effective
  • Provides solid footing for flush-mounted furniture anchors


  • Sidewalk heaving may occur next to street trees if suspended pavement systems are not used


  • Appropriate for sidewalks on all non-commercial and non-historic streets and select commercial streets unless otherwise specified


Specification source: DOT Standard Specifications Section 2.02, 2.15, 2.22, 3.05

Detail source: DOT Standard Details of Construction drawing # H-1045

  • Flag size: 5 feet by 5 feet
  • Joint: “tooled joint” or saw-cut joint-scoring patterns
  • Typically requires 6-inch gravel base
  • Sustainability opportunity: Supplementary cementitious materials (SCM)
  • Sustainability opportunity: Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA)


  • Adjacent property owners are generally responsible for maintaining this material
  • Difficult to patch in sections where utility cuts or defects occur
  • Patching may result in different coloration
  • Patching may result in different coloration