Usage: Distinctive

The TBTA (Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority) pole was introduced in the 1950s for mid-twentieth-century bridge construction projects such as the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge (formerly the Triboro Bridge). The TBTA pole replaced wooden lampposts that lit parkways during the 1920s and ’30s. The Teardrop and Shielded Teardrop luminaires combine with the TBTA pole to produce a historic quality.

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Pole with Shielded Teardrop luminaire: White Plains Road, Bronx


  • PDC approval is required

 Street Light Pole

  • Commercial and wide residential streets
  • Single or twin-mounting
  • Streets with roadway width of 36 feet or more

Pedestrian Pole

  • Parks, plazas, and esplanades


LED Cobra Head

  • Wide Roadway/Commercial Area
    • 110W maximum LED
    • IES Type II or III
  • Residential Street
    • 78W maximum LED
    • IES Type II or III

Teardrop and Shielded Teardrop (historic districts only)

  • Commercial Area
    • 150W maximum LED
    • IES Type III
  • Residential Street
    • 100W maximum LED
    • IES Type III


  • HDG steel/black, silver, green

Cost Compared to Standard Street Light

  • $$$$$