Round Pole

Usage: Standard

The tapered aluminum Round pole, combined with the LED Cobra Head luminaire, constitutes a Standard Highway Street Light. As an alternative, the 40' Aluminum Lighting Standard is another street light option for expressways that can be installed with an LED Expressway luminaire.

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Round pole with 25-foot shaft and LED Cobra Head luminaire: FDR Drive, Manhattan


  • For use on highways within city limits


LED Cobra Head

  • Highway
    • 110W maximum LED
    • IES Type II or III
  • Highway Ramp
    • 78W maximum LED
    • IES Type II or III

LED Expressway

  • Expressway
    • 150W maximum LED
    • IES Type III or IV


  • Aluminum/silver

Cost Compared to Standard Street Light

  • $
  • Round is the standard pole for highways