Precast Square Paver

Usage: Distinctive

Precast, square asphalt or concrete pavers. This treatment is for use exclusively in the furnishing zone.

Willoughby Street, Brooklyn
Precast square pavers


  • This material is widely available and cost-effective
  • Asphalt pavers can be recycled


  • Loose pavers can hinder the mobility of pedestrians, people with disabilities, and cyclists



Specification source: DOT Standard Specifications Section 6.06

  • Paver size: 8 inches by 8 inches
  • Consider permeable versions with joints that allow water to infiltrate; ensure a proper sub-base and appropriate soil selection
  • Can be mortar-set for stronger structural properties
  • The area within 18 inches of the curb should be kept free of obstructions
  • Requires PDC approval
  • Sustainability opportunity: High recycled asphalt (RAP) content
  • Sustainability opportunity: High-SRI coloring


  • Adjacent property owners are generally responsible for maintaining this material
  • Use of this material requires a maintenance agreement
  • Unit pavers can become loose over time and will require regular maintenance
  • Relatively easy to reset or replace, especially for utility access