Type M-2A Signal Pole

Usage: Standard

Introduced in 1964 as the M-2, the octagonal M-2A traffic signal pole is Standard for use at all traffic signal locations. A 5-foot mast-arm extension can be used to bring the signal farther out over the roadway, if necessary.

With a 7-foot shaft extension, the M-2A can be used to hold a standard street light arm and a luminaire. It can also be made to resemble nearby Distinctive poles.

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Type M-2A signal pole (Standard): E 1st Street, Manhattan
Type M – 2A signal pole with Type M pole and Teardrop luminaire (Historic): 114th Street, Manhattan


  • Holds signals and/or signs
  • Single- or double-mounting
  • Two M-2A poles per intersection, diagonally opposite from each other
  • Sometimes mounted on a concrete coastal storm foundation to provide necessary clearance or avoid moisture in the base
  • If a luminaire is necessary, shaft extension provides required clearance from signal
  • 5-foot mast-arm extension holds signal farther out over the roadway, if necessary


  • LED Cobra Head (Standard)
  • Teardrop (Historic)
  • City Light (Distinctive)


  • HDG Steel/silver, black, green