Hexagonal Asphalt Paver

Usage: Distinctive

Asphalt precast into hexagonally shaped paver. This material is primarily used on sidewalks adjacent to parks, and conveys park-like character.

Richard Tucker Park, Broadway and Columbus Avenue, Manhattan
Hexagonal asphalt pavers


  • Interlocking hexagonal shape fits tightly together and resists shifting and buckling
  • This material is widely available and cost-effective
  • Dark color hides dirt and stains
  • Asphalt pavers can be recycled


  • Dark color may contribute to heat-island effect
  • Loose pavers can hinder the mobility of pedestrians, people with disabilities, and cyclists


  • Hexagonal asphalt pavers are appropriate for sidewalks adjacent to parks
  • Requires PDC approval


Specification source: DOT Standard Highway Specifications Section 3.04 and 6.60

  • Paver size: 8 inches between parallel sides
  • Can be sand-set for easier installation or mortar-set for stronger structural properties
  • Sustainability opportunity: High recycled asphalt (RAP) content


  • Adjacent property owners are generally responsible for maintaining this material
  • Use of this material generally requires a maintenance agreement, except when installed by Parks
  • Unit pavers can become loose over time and will require regular maintenance
  • Hexagonal pavers are relatively easy to reset or replace, especially for utility access