Concrete with London Paver Scoring

Usage: Distinctive

Cast-in-place concrete scored to look like London Pavers.

Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian access ramp, Manhattan
Concrete with London paver scoring


See benefits of Unpigmented Concrete

  • Reinforces civic character of an area
  • Less expensive than unit pavers


See considerations of Unpigmented Concrete


  • For sidewalks fronting on government buildings and other civic structures such as bridges and memorials
  • Because this is a Distinctive sidewalk treatment, it is best used when applied to entire blocks, rather than to the sidewalks of individual small properties which would create a “patchwork” effect
  • Requires PDC approval


Specification source: DOT Standard Specifications Special Section 6.06 LP

  • Flag size: 18 inches by 36 inches; joints must be saw cut to ¼ depth of pavement
  • Requires concrete base
  • Sustainability opportunity: Supplementary cementitious materials (SCM)
  • Sustainability opportunity: Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA)


See maintenance for Unpigmented Concrete

  • Adjacent property owners are generally responsible for maintaining this material
  • Use of this material generally requires a maintenance agreement