Stormwater Greenstreet

Another common Stormwater Management Practice, a Stormwater Greenstreet, is a planted area within the sidewalk or roadway, which extends beyond the standard street geometry, and collects and treats stormwater runoff. Stormwater Greenstreets are typically larger stormwater management practices installed and maintained by DEP, Parks, or another committed maintenance partner. They can be located anywhere in the city as conditions allow. It should be noted that these are not typical Greenstreets as defined in the Greenstreets agreement between DOT and Parks. For examples, visit DEP’s Green Infrastructure webpage.

NYC Parks has installed treatments of various sizes and shapes throughout the city: Westbourne Avenue and Bay 25th Street, Queens (Credit: Parks)
Water can be collected in a forebay, such as the triangular area shown above. This allows sediment and debris to settle before the water continues to the planting area: Westbourne Avenue and Bay 25th Street, Queens (Credit: Parks)


See benefits for Sidewalk Stormwater Management Practices

  • Permit greater water capture than what is typical for a sidewalk stormwater management practice due to generally larger installations
  • Non-standard geometry (i.e., curb extension) enables the greenstreet to capture water and reduce runoff bypass by allowing water to enter directly while also providing the safety benefits typical of a Curb Extension


See considerations for Sidewalk Stormwater Management Practices

  • Avoid in areas of high foot traffic or curbside activity, including pedestrian desire lines that may be impacted
  • Within DEP priority areas, the city will construct and maintain Stormwater Greenstreets. Outside of these areas the practice is encouraged, but a maintenance agreement is required


See application guidance for Sidewalk Stormwater Management Practices

  • Unused or underutilized roadway areas that can be re-purposed to collect stormwater


See design guidance for Sidewalk Stormwater Management Practices

  • DEP Guidelines for the Stormwater Greenstreets are available on the DEP website
  • Overall dimension will be determined based on the catchment area, and geometries must be approved by DOT; generally, installations follow striped roadbed area or underused roadway width
  • Catch basins should be located on the downstream side of the overflow or outlet