Flatbush Avenue Pole

Usage: Distinctive

The Flatbush Avenue pole was first installed in 1988 on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. Its design is appropriate for wide streets, including those with historic character.

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Flatbush Avenue Pole
Pole with Teardrop luminaire: Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn


  • Commercial and wide residential streets
  • Single, or twin-mounting on center medians
  • Streets with roadway width of 36 feet or more
  • PDC approval is required


LED Cobra Head

  • 110W maximum LED
  • IES Type II or III

Teardrop and Shielded Teardrop

  • 150W maximum LED
  • IES Type III


  • Fabricated steel pole/black, silver, and green

Cost Compared to Standard Street Light

  • $$$